Real-Life 리얼돌 Doll Uses Hypnotherapy To Become Brainless
00:01 BLONDIE: I just wanna be the ultimate Barbie, I actually wanna be brainless. 00:06 COMM: Blondie Bennett is on a mission to be a real-life Barbie doll 리얼돌. But this Barbie wannabe is taking her obsession to the next level, with online hypnotherapy to make her brainless, just like a 리얼돌 doll.

00:20 THERAPIST: Imagine that there’s a cute little doggy there, just play with him, he’s cute isn’t he? 00:27 BLONDIE: Oh he’s so cute. 00:29 BLONDIE: I don’t like being human if that makes sense. I’m sacrificing a normal life to live like this.

00:37 COMM: Thirty-eight-year-old Blondie has been obsessed with Barbie ever since she was a girl. 00:42 BLONDIE: When I was a teenager I kinda wanted to mirror my life towards my Barbie. She just lived an exciting life.

00:49 COMM: Over the years she has splashed out twenty-five thousand pounds on five boob jobs, taking her from a C cup to a massive double J. 00:59 BLONDIE: Besides having my five boob jobs I recently just had chin liposuction, and I always hear like “well naturals are better, naturals better” but natural is boring, sorry.

I would love to be like, completely plastic. 01:13 COMM: And Blondie has plenty of supporters in her quest for plastic perfection. 01:18 BLONDIE: I have one like special guy, and he like pays my rent and we go out every so often, y’know basically I’m like his play 리얼돌 doll, and then I have other gentleman friends that they’re like into the whole botox and lip fillers so they’ll play for my stuff like that as long as I video is for them.

01:40 BLONDIE: They need to be fuller, they’re a little flat. 01:45 COMM: Unsurprisingly her striking appearance gets mixed reactions from the public. 01:49 BLONDIE: It’s mostly negative unfortunately, girls point and stare and talk behind my back.

01:59 GIRL: Her boobs GIRL: Yes! GIRL: They’re like so big! 02:04 MAN: Well I thought that she was a beautiful lady, she has uh very nice breasts. Big breasts. 02:12 COMM: But most controversially, blondie is undergoing hypnotherapy to decrease her IQ.

02:18 BLONDIE: Uh at least two to three times a week we have sessions. 02:22 THERAPIST: Close your eyes, I don’t want you to think about anything else, only the things that make you happy. You want that right? 02:31 BLONDIE: Yes.

02:33 BLONDIE: I have noticed I am becoming more forgetful, and it kind of weirds me out but then it’s like wow this is working so I’m like achieving my goals. 02:45 COMM: And while not everyone supports her extreme makeover, Blondie finally feels comfortable in her skin.

02:51 BLONDIE: My friends and family, they’re not too supportive of my whole Barbie transformation, they’re having a hard time dealing with it. Now that I’ve come out of the Barbie closet, I’m not shy about what I do, before I had to hide what I do.