NRHS is always actively involved in racing, and we run our own Bonneville effort. Here are some racers who use NRHS parts and updates on how they're doing.

NRHS at Bonneville Salt Flats

At NRHS we campaign several of our own bikes at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Lucille Dunn

AMA M-PG 1350cc 167.452

Robert "Bubba" Rocho

AMA MPS-PF 1350cc 175.275

Team NRHS currently holds 18 Bonneville records with more to come next year!! 


AMA MPS-PF 1350cc 175.275 (rider-Bubba Rocho 2014)

AMA M-PG 1350cc 167.452 (rider-Lucille Dunn, 2013)

BNI A-PF 1650cc 195.264 (2010)

AMA M-PG 500cc 114.584 (rider-Lucille Dunn, 2010)

AMA A-PF 1650cc 191.631 (2010)

AMA A-PF 1350cc: 185.492 (2009)

AMA MPS-PG 500cc 116.874(rider-Lucille Dunn, 2009)

BNI M-PF 1350cc: 173.067 (2009)

AMA M-PF 1350cc: 169.743 ( 2009)

AMA A-PG 1350cc: 169.477 (2008)

AMA MPS-PG 2000cc: 180.673 (rider-Timbo Horton, 2008)

AMA MPS-PF 2000cc: 192.868 ( 2007)
BNI APS-PF 1650cc: 202.602 (2007)

AMA MPS-PF 1650cc: 213.193 (rider-Timbo Horton, 2006)
AMA MPS-PG 1650cc: 187.092 (rider-Jon Amo, 2005)
BNI MPS-PF 1650cc: 205.642 (rider-Timbo Horton, 2004)
BNI MPS-PF 2000cc: 195.988 (rider-Timbo Horton, 2004)

BNI M-PG 1350cc: 167.056 (rider-Timbo Horton, 2004)

Joe Daly

Another record set by an NRHS built engine.  This time the record was broken by Joe Daly with a 1000cc engine.  Joe plans to go even faster this year at Bonneville!!

                                    Joe Daly at Speed at Maxton

Steve Slaughter

Heather Mallery

UPDATE: Heather took #2 in the nation in her class.  Way to go !!!!

Who says drag racing is just for the guys!  Heather Mallery will be ready for the strip this year with Christine. the beautiful bike pictured above.  Watch out boys!