A quality ignition system is essential for extracting maximum power from your Harley Davidson or Buell. We carry proven units from Daytona Twin Tec and DynaTek. We can also supply units from virtually any other major manufacturer, call for details. Note: none of these ignition modules is designed to work on fuel injected models.


Ignition Modules


These are the two best modules we have found for 04 and up Sportsters and carbureted Twin Cams.  The Dyna is preferred for ease of installation and tuning on mild builds such as a 1250 kit with Stage 1 Headwork. The Twin Tec is preferred for builds with our Stage 2 and up headwork. It features two advance curves families that are adjustable to accommodate stock to modified engines. Selectable multi-spark mode. Five rotary switches for mode select, timing adjustments, advance slope and rpm limit (in 100rpm steps)  Requires OEM coils with less than 1 ohm resistance. Made in the USA.


Optional USB interface and software available for programming custom curves. 12 volt power adaptors are used to power up the module when removed from the bike.



Part Number/ Price

Ignition Module Dyna 2000TC-3

Fits 2004-2006 Sportster w/ carb

33-2101-0071 -  $252.95

Ignition Module- Daytona Twin Tec 88

Fits 04 and up Sportster and Twin Cam w/carb

33-2101-0034 -  $285.95

12v power adaptor (120volt only) 33-1022-0007 - $105.95

USB interface (includes software) 33-2101-0075 - $99.95



Dyna Ignition Modules


Dyna 2000 units feature 4 selectable curves and a choice of 4 rev limits: 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500rpm. The VOES input can be converted to a nitrous retard input, allowing you to take out 5, 7, or 10 degrees of spark advance depending on the curve selected. Dyna 2000 units plug right into the stock factory harness (7 or 8-pin) and work fine with the factory pickup unit. Single fire versions include a tach output so no tach adapter is necessary.




Part Number/ Price

Ignition module – Dyna 2000 dual fire 7-pin

33-2101-0044- $199.95

Ignition module – Dyna 2000 dual fire 8-pin

33-2101-0046- $200.95

Ignition module – Dyna 2000 single/dual fire 7-pin

33-2101-0043- $249.95

Ignition module – Dyna 2000 single/dual fire 8-pin

33-2101-0045- $249.95

Single fire kit – Dyna 2000 7 pin + Dyna Twinfire II

33-2101-0047- $399.95

Single fire kit – Dyna 2000 8 pin + Dyna Twinfire II

33-2101-0048- $399.95

Adapter - 7 pin harness to 8 pin module

33-DS243068 - $42.95

Adapter - 8 pin harness to 7 pin module

33-DS243069 - $42.95


Dyna Nose Cone Ignition Modules


The Dyna  2000i Programmable units are nose cone modules that are packed with features. It will support single or dual fire operation with single or dual plug heads when used with the appropriate coil. Dual pickups are incorporated into the module to allow single fire operation down to zero rpm. An independent tach output is provided; no tach adapter is needed. The VOES input can be used as a nitrous retard input with adjustable control of the timing advance removed. An indicator LED is provided to show the state of the VOES/nitrous retard input. Active dwell control allows full coil charging at red line without overcharging at idle. Intelligent over current/short circuit protection and over voltage/surge protection make for a rugged, reliable module. Designed for coil primary resistance of 2.5 to 3.5 ohms.


The 2000i has a dip switch to select from 10 curves and  4 rev limits: 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500rpm. The 2000i can also be programmed entirely from your PC. This allows tremendously more functions and flexibility. For example, the 2000i Programmable has fully definable 8 point curves for both wide open and part throttle operation, programmable rev limit in 50rpm steps, programmable rear cylinder offset, plus it can record various parameters such as total engine hours, time at wide open throttle, number of engine starts, longest time operating at wide open throttle, maximum rpm, and number of seconds near rev limit. It truly represents an advancement in state-of-the-art for ignition modules



Part Number/ Price

Ignition module – Dyna 2000i  Programmable single/dual fire nose cone

33-2101-0027- $249.95

Single fire kit –  Includes module and  Dyna Twinfire II coil (eliminates the need for 2 separate coils)

33-2101-0031- $399.95

Programming Kit for Dyna 20001 Programmable Ignition

33-2101-0012- $99.95


Dyna Twin Cam Ignition Module


For the Twin Cam, we offer the Dyna 2000TC single fire ignition module. It is designed to work with the stock coil, or any other coil with less than 1 ohm of primary resistance. It offers your choice of 16 advance curves in 3 separate groups, for engines ranging from mild to wild. Eight rev limiter settings in 250 rpm increments from 5750 to 7250 rpm are also provided. Works with stock sensors and connectors.



Part Number/Price

Ignition module – Dyna 2000TC single fire Twin Cam

33-TC882 - $312.95


Dyna Coils


Our favorite single fire/single plug coil is the compact and powerful Dyna DC6-5. The DC6-5 is two completely independent coils in one package, and yet it’s only slightly bigger than the stock coil and therefore will generally fit in the stock location and under the stock cover without any problem. Primary resistance is 3 ohms. For single fire dual plug applications, use the Twinfire DC6-4 coil with 4 output towers (substantially larger than a stock coil, custom mounting required). For dual fire applications, we recommend the Dyna DC6-1 to replace your stock Harley coil.









Part Number/Price

Coil – Dyna DC6-5 Twin Fire II, 80-04 single fire elec ign

33-DC65 - $187.95

Coil – Dyna DC6-4 Twin Fire, 80-04 single fire dual plug elec ign

33-DC64 - $181.95

Coil – Dyna DC6-1, 80-04 dual fire elec ign

33-DC61 - $78.95


Spark Plug Wires



High quality graphite core noise suppression wires should be a part of your ignition system. We offer the Daytona Twin Tec wires for  Twin Cam, XL  and Evo Big Twin models which are black in color and custom fit.  We also offer the Accel 8.8mm wires in black or yellow.  Accell wires sets are universal fit ( you cut to proper length) and are available with straight or 90 degree boots.



Part Number/Price

Spark plug wires – Daytona TwinTec 7mm for Twin Cam models

33-7806-1556- $23.95

Spark plug wires – Daytona TwinTec 8.5mm for XL and Evo BT

33-7806-1557- $24.95

Spark plug wires – Accel 8.8 Universal yellow 90 degree

33-DS-242651 - $30.95

Spark plug wires – Accel 8.8 Universal black 90 degree

33-DS-242652 - $30.95

Spark plug wires – Accel 8.8 Universal yellow straight

33-DS-242655 - $30.95

Spark plug wires – Accel 8.8 Universal black straight

22-DS-242656 - $30.95


Spark Plugs



We carry Denso Iridium spark plugs exclusively because we have found them to be the BEST spark plug made. Iridium is six times harder than platinum and withstands temperatures in excess of 4000 degrees. The electrodes on these plugs are only .4mm which means the plugs will fire even in extreme cylinder pressure conditions and with less voltage.


Also, we have hard-to-find spark plug indexing washers for both 12mm and 14mm plugs. Two each of four different thicknesses (.012, .024, .036, .042) are included.



Part Number/Price

Spark plugs – Denso Iridium 12mm, Heat range similar to HD 6R12 plugs, sold each

33-IXU22 - $12.95

Spark plugs- Denso Iridium 12mm,  Colder plug similar to HD 10R12 plugs, sold each 33-IXU24 - $12.95 

Spark plugs – Denso Iridium 14mm

33-IW22 - $10.95

Washers – Spark Plug indexing 12mm

33-372029 - $10.95

Washers – Spark Plug indexing 14mm

33-372041 - $10.95