Air Cleaners for Sportsters and Buells



Installation Accessories for Air Cleaners 




Description Part Number

Complete installation kit

Includes chrome carburetor support bracket, banjo bolts and fittings, hose, breather filter, 91-Up XL, 95-02 Buell

66-DS289126- $64.95

Breather kit, one piece chrome tube design (horseshoe) includes banjo bolts and fittings, 91-Up XL, 95-02 Buell, 3/8 fuel line required

66-2110-0316 - $29.95

Billet mini catch can, chrome plated, uses standard 3/8 fuel line, used to catch any blow by oil that come out breathers

66-2110-6731 - $34.95

***Black carburetor support bracket, 91-up XL, 95-02 Buell

66-P0280F - $29.95

***Chrome carburetor support bracket, 91-up XL, 95-02 Buell

66-DS289062 - $24.95

Banjo bolts and fittings, for use with 3/8 fuel line, 1/2" for Evolution

66-040485 - $22.49



NRHS Billet Round Air Cleaner






You asked for it so here it is! The new NRHS Sportster billet round air cleaner is now available. CNC machined from solid billet aluminum and uses a genuine K&N filter. This filter flows as good as it looks


Just like our other filters it's all about minimizing restriction and smoothing the air flow. The big 2" K&N element  allows the air to flow through in abundance, with LOTS of surface area to virtually eliminate restriction.  This filter has been dyno proven to support engines making in excess of 90+ horsepower. And the CNC machined radius ring boosts both velocity and reduces turbulence.


And for that custom look we have many options available for the center section. Everything from showing off your NRHS 1250 power to custom lettering and numbers are available or flip it over for that stealth look!!



Prices start at $209.95 for a billet filter and center section as shown above. Custom covers like the black one shown above are available for a modest charge as is anodizing in almost any color imaginable.


 You also will need a breather kit and support bracket kit. 2007 and newer do not require a support bracket.


Fits all Sportsters equipped with a CV or Mikuni carb and also 2007 and up with fuel injection!


To order a custom engraved or anodized round air cleaner please call NRHS at 573-759-2834 or e-mail us at


Ordering Information


Description Part Number
NRHS Billet round air cleaner non-anodized with NRHS logo

66-NRHS-RD - $209.95

NRHS Billet round air cleaner flat black anodized no logo

66-NRHS-RD-B - $234.95



Great news! NRHS now offers The Original Forcewinder.  See details below.





Pure American ingenuity. Pure American engineering. One hundred per cent American made. Nothing else compares. Prepare for the inevitable. Prepare for the ride of your life. Join the ForceWinder Nation.


ForceWinder XR-2  1999-2002 Fuel Injected Buell X1/S3 Models

The XR-2 ForceWinder....precision all aluminum lightweight Performance. Powder Coated in tough Wrinkle Finish Black or polished aluminum. ForceWinder sets the pace. The XR-2 comes with the trick Probike external breather system that loops cleanly around into the back of the filter for positive performance enhancing crankcase ventilation and air temp sensor adaptor.

Kit includes one black weather inhibiting Dry-charger by Outerwears that resists rain and acts as a pre-filter with almost no air flow restriction whatsoever. CFM tested for the biggest inch motors these things run well.



XR-2 Gloss Black XR-2 Silver Polished Finish










ForceWinder Dominator 1986-2006 Harley Davidson XL Sportster


Dominator ForceWinder Air Intake Kit for XL Sportster 1986-2006 with CV or Mikuni HSR  42/45/48 carb models. Kit includes Dominator breather bracket, The Original ForceWinder air intake manifold, K&N filter, hardware and a black pre filter sock


Dominator Gloss Black Finish Dominator Silver Polished Finish











ForceWinder XR 1986-up Harley Davidson XL Sportster and 1995-2003 Buell  ***


ForceWinder XR Air Intake Kit for XL Sportster 1986-up and 1995-2003 Buell with stock CV or Mikuni HSR  42/45/48 carb models. Kit includes Dominator breather bracket, The Original ForceWinder air intake manifold, K&N filter, hardware and a black pre filter sock

***XL Sportster models requires purchase of support bracket sold in accessories.


XR Gloss Black Finish XR Silver Polished Finish









Carburated Buell




Carburated Buell