Axtell Cylinders

NRHS is proud to carry cylinders from Axtell Sales, the leader in big bore cylinders for Harley Davidson and Buell applications


NEW from Axtell: All Aluminum Cylinders for your XL or Buell!


Adding to their line-up of both cast iron and iron lined aluminum cylinders, Axtell sales has now released an all-aluminum nickel silicon carbide plated cylinder for XL Sportster and Buell applications!


The advantages to this cylinder construction are reduced weight, reduced friction, and superior heat transfer characteristics. This makes them particularly suitable for high performance Sportsters and Buells that get run hard. The bores will also last substantially longer than iron or iron lined cylinders, because the nik-a-sil coating is extremely hard and wear resistant.


NRHS's testing of these cylinders has found them to be a superb product. First and foremost, ring seal is enhanced by the casting pattern which offers tremendous stiffness to resist the mechanical and thermal stresses in an operating engine, and also because these are the only  stress honed all-aluminum construction cylinders on the market. It's a more costly way to do it, but well worth it. Also, Axtell applies the nik-a-sil coating in an ISO 9003 certified facility with a full time chemist on-staff to monitor and control the process. Don't underestimate the importance of this; proper control of the plating process is essential to ensure a coating that lasts a long time without streaking and degrading ring seal.


These cylinders are sold with a natural aluminum finish, or powder coated in your choice of silver or black. Highlighted fins are also available for each finish. Regardless of which you choose, we think you'll be happy with the appearance, they truly do look as good as they work!


Available in both 3-9/16 bore (1050/1250 kit) and 3-13/16 bore (1200/88inch kit) for all XL's and Buells 1986 to present.


Natural finish shown, as installed on NRHS's 124hp 1250cc Buell M2




NRHS also carries the full line of Axtell cylinders for Twin Cam and Evolution Big Twin. Watch this page for more details or give us a call!


Ordering Information-  Due to the custom nature of these cylinders you must call NRHS for pricing and availability at 303-702-1600