Fuel Injection and Carburetion


Injection Controllers






*The quickest and most powerful flash tuner on the market

*The sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, 3.5 full color touch screen display mounts to handlebars with integrated Amps 4-hole threaded inserts; also mounts to most aftermarket accessory mounts that feature AMPS 4 mounting options

*The display's interface cable plugs directly to the bike's diagnostic connector

*NO COMPUTER REQUIRED; simply select the tune and follow on-screen prompts to flash the bike; tunes can also be edited directly from the Power Vision

*Utilizes WinPV (Windows PC-based tuning application)

*Stores up to six different tunes that can be flashed to the bike

*Downloads and stores the stock calibration in case OEM restoration is needed; stock calibration can also be saved as an editable copy and used as a starting point

*Dynojet preconfigured tunes are preloaded on the unit; Power Vision will identify the bike's information and automatically sort hundred of applicable; dyno-proven tunes

*Custom tunes can be loaded by a tuning shop or received via email and loaded onto the device

*Displays all J1850 H-D vehicle data, wide-band air fuel ratio and various calculated channels (including MPG instant and trip MPG)

*AutoTune Basic and Pro calculates and stores fuel trims to optimize fuel curve

Checks and clears diagnostic codes

*Features adaptive trims and idle offset (with bike running)

***Manufacturer's Note***: The Power Vision marries to one individual ECM and may be used only on that bike for flashing ECM. For this reason NRHS does not take back Power Vision used or not. All returns and or adjustments must be made directly with Dynojet Research. The Power Vision may be used on any bike to read and clean trouble codes.




Part Number
For all H-D Models with Delphi ECM (except 11-14FXS/FLS/FLST, 12-14 Dynas, 14 Dressers and 14 XL models)



For 11-14 FXS/FLS/FLST, 12-14 Dyna Models, 14 FLHT/FLHX, FLHR and 14 XL Models





Mikuni Flatslide Carburetors


NRHS uses and recommends Mikuni Flatslide carburetors. We have found them to be easy to tune, plus they deliver instantaneous throttle response, impressive top end power, and good gas mileage. HSR42 and HSR45 models bolt on easily and work with stock HD throttle cables. 42mm carburetors work with the stock late model slip-on intake manifold, 45mm units require a special manifold. Easy kits include special hardware as needed to adapt to the stock type air cleaner. 


48mm models are for custom and racing applications only. They also work with stock throttle cables and they come with a flange mount adapter for 2-bolt S&S Super G flange mount manifolds.






Part Number

Mikuni HSR42, uses stock choke cable

(does not include air cleaner adapter)

66-TM426 - $374.95

Mikuni HSR42, polished, uses stock choke cable

(does not include air cleaner adapter)

66-TM426P - $508.95

Mikuni HSR45, w/choke cable

(does not include air cleaner adapter)

66-TM452 - $438.95

Mikuni HSR45, polished, w/choke cable

(does not include air cleaner adapter)

66-TM452P - $578.95

Mikuni HSR48, w/choke cable & flange mount for S&S G manifold

66-482X - $459.95

Mikuni HSR48, polished, w/choke cable & flange mount for S&S G manifold-

66-482P - $638.95

Mikuni HSR42 Easy kit, 90-99 Evo BT, works with stock air cleaner, includes AC cover

66-427 - $459.95

Mikuni HSR42 Easy kit, 99-up Twin Cam, works with stock air cleaner

66-4218 - $398.95

Mikuni HSR42 Easy kit, 94-up XL 1200, includes special back plate for stock AC cover w/SE filter

66-4210 - $459.95

Mikuni HSR42 Easy kit, 94-up XL1200 w/aftermarket air cleaner, Buell

66-4211 - $438.95

HSR42/45 Choke cable,  for use with Mikuni plastic nut, spring, and brass plunger

66-990662002 - $26.95

Air cleaner adapter for HSR42/HSR45, adapts CV style air cleaner - natural

66-HS42001K -20.95

Air cleaner adapter for HSR42/HSR45, adapts CV style air cleaner - polished

66-21041902 - $57.95

Air cleaner adapter for HSR48, adapts CV style air cleaner - polished

66-21041903 - $57.95

Mikuni Screw Kit

-Replaces all phillips head screws with stainless allen head screws.

(14 stainless screws in total)

66-HSR-SK- $16.95







Part Number

Complete installation kit

Includes chrome carburetor support bracket, banjo bolts and fittings, hose, breather filter, 91-Up XL, 95-02 Buell

66-DS289126 - $58.95

Breather kit, one piece chrome tube design (horseshoe) includes banjo bolts and fittings, 91-Up XL, 95-02 Buell, 3/8 fuel line required

66-2110-0316 - $29.95

Banjo bolts and fittings, for use with 3/8 fuel line, 1/2" for Evolution

66-040485 - $22.49

Replacement Breather Kit Bolts, Chrome Plated Stainless Hex Head, 5/16" for Twin Cam

66-DS289611 - $29.95

Billet mini catch can, chrome plated, uses standard 3/8 fuel line, used to catch any blow by oil that come out breathers

66-2110-6731 - $34.95

Chrome air cleaner support bracket, 90-up Big Twin

66-DS289190 - $27.95

Chrome air cleaner support bracket, 88-up XL, 95-02 Buell

66-DS289062 - $24.95

Black carburetor support bracket, 91-up XL, 95-02 Buell

66-P0280.F- $29.95